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Stewardship Committee

Pastor, Parish Council

Stewardship is a complete lifestyle, a life of total accountability and responsibility acknowledging God as Creator and Owner of all. Stewards as disciples of Jesus Christ see themselves as caretakers of all God’s gifts.” The purpose of this ministry is to promote stewardship as a way of life in our parish and community.

FUNCTIONS:  The committee shall:

  1. Meet monthly to promote stewardship within our parish
  2. Communicate once per quarter to the parishioners about stewardship.
  3. Develop/promote new stewardship activities. Link stewardship to current parish events.
  4. Plan the annual ministry fair whereby parishioners pledge their time and talent to the Lord
  5. Plan the annual stewardship of treasure renewal (our Letter of Intent) whereby parishioners are invited to pledge a portion of their financial gifts to the Lord
  6. Provide input into the planning of annual stewardship recognition

OUTCOMES/GOALS (How will you measure your success?):
Our success will be measured by the success of our parish ministries and, most importantly, by the increase in the number of number of stewards who are actively involved in the various parish ministries.  In future years, we will also measure our success by the amount of our weekly offertory from adults as well as the children of the parish.

Monthly meetings plus each member will be assigned several parish ministries to communicate with throughout the year and to invite to participate in our ministry fair. Other ad hoc event support time will be required.

Stewardship literature, seminars, and workshops will be made available

To be a good steward of all that God has given to you and to have the desire to share this way of life with fellow parishioners.

TENURE/LENGTH OF ASSIGNMENT:                       
Three year term








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