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has been orbiting Saturn since 2004.Due to the tilt of approximately 27 of the planet Saturn, its polar atmosphere undergoes intense seasonable variations with long polar nights lasting over seven years, followed by a long period of 23 years of variable illumination. Ho

wever, the seasonal variations do not affect the hexagon and its jet stream at all, so both are part of an extensive wave, deeply rooted in Saturn's atmosphere. The UPV/EHU researchers suggest that the hexagon and its stream are the manifestation of a "Rossby wave" similar to those that form in the mid latitudes of Earth. On our planet the jet stream meanders from west to east and brings, associated with it, the gucci glasses frames system of areas of low pressure and anticyclones which we have been seeing regularly on weather maps.On Saturn, a hydrogen gas planet, ten times the size of Earth, cold in its upper clouds, without a solid surface, and with an atmosphere as deep as that of an ocean, "the hexagonal wavy motion of the jet stream is expected to be propagated vertically and reveal to us aspects of the planet's hidden atmosphere," pointed out Agust n S nchez Lavega, Head of the Planetary Sciences research group. "The movement of the hexagon could therefore be linked to the depths of Saturn, and the

rotation period of this structure, which, as we have been able to ascertain, is 10 hours, 39 minutes and 23 seconds, could be that of the planet itself," he added. Saturn is gucci flora the only planet in the Solar System whose rotation period is not yet known. S nchez Lavega, T. del R o Gaztelurrutia, R. Hueso, S. P rez Hoyos, E. Garc a Melendo, A. Antu ano, I. Mendikoa, J. F. Rojas, J. Lillo, D. Barrado Navascu s, J. M. Gomez Forrellad, C. Go, D. Peach, T. Barry, D. P. Milika, P. Nicholas, A. Wesley. The long term steady motion of Saturn's hexagon and the stability of its enclosed jet stream under seasonal changes. Geophysical Research Letters, 2014; 41 (5): 1425 DOI: 10.1002/2013GL059078Cite This Page:MLA APA Chicago University of the Basque Country. "Saturn's hexagon: An amazing phenomenon." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 8 April 2014. .University of the Basque Country. (2014, April 8). Saturn's hexagon: An amazing phenomenon. ScienceDaily. full storyJupiter; Astronomy; gucci man Satellites; SunNASA's Swif

t Satellite Tallies Water Production of Mars Bound Comet June 19, 2014 gucci frames In late gucci shirt May, NASA's Swift satellite imaged comet Siding Spring, which will brush astonishingly close to Mars later this year. Th 100% authentic gucci handbags outlet , Gogebic and Republican lawmakers advanced a mining bill that, in his view, weakened protections for wetlands and public waters. "Mining isn't my primary interest in running," he said. Rather, Ouimette got into the race because he felt county officials were mismanaging a senior center in Mercer. Another candidate being targeted, Richard A. The one child family policy of the reform period means that the labour force is beginning to decline, and the hitherto abundant supply of migrants from the countryside is drying up. This will require a change in development strategy away from the currently successful one of producing labour intensive exports.Sai Ding commented: 'Can other developing countries learn from China's growth success? The Chinese economy is too different to permit simple copying. Note: Materials may gucci rain boots be edited for content and length.Cite This Page:MLA APA Chicago University of Oxford. "China's rapid economic growth means population is 'wealthier but unhappier ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 3 April 2012. .How Does a Soccer Ball Swerve? Smoothness of a Ball's Surface, in Addition to Playing Technique, Is a Critical Factor June 19, 2014 It happens every four years: The World Cup begins and some of the world's most skille

d players carefully line up free kicks, take aim and shoot way over the goal. The players are all trying to . full storySports; Sports Science; Spintronics; Travel and RecreationOldest Ever Schistosomiasis Egg Found May Be First Proof of Early Human Technology Exacerbating Disease gucci bags outlet Burden June 19, 2014 The discovery of a schistosomiasis parasite egg in a 6200 year old grave at gucci flora a prehistoric town by the Euphrates river in Syria may be the first evidence that agricultural irrigation systems in the . full storyHealthy Aging; Pests and Parasites; Fossils; Soil TypesCracks Emerge in the gucci bag Cloud: Security Weakness of Cloud Storage Services June 19, 2014 As individual computer users increasingly access the Internet from different smartphones, tablets and laptops, many are choosing to use online cloud services to store and synchronize their digital . full storyAndroid Security Weaknesses gucci mens belt Caused by Performance Design Identified June 19, 2014 Researchers have identified a weakness in one of Android

security features. The research identifies an Android performance feature that weakens a software protection called Address Space Layout . full storyCrucial Security Problem in Google Play: Thousands of Secret Keys Found in Android Apps treating patients who have glioblastomas. Long term remission of disease in this group of patients was correlated with the expression of cancer stem cell tumor associated antigens," said Surasak Phuphanich, MD, director of the Neuro Oncology Program at the Cochran Brain Tumor Center and professor of neurology with Cedars Sinai's Department of Neurosurgery and Department of Neurology.Based on results of the Phase I study, the ICT 107 vaccine entered a Phase II multicenter, randomized, placebo controlled trial in gucci tote 2011.The vaccine is based on dendritic cells, the immune system's most powerful antigen presenting cells those responsible for helping the immune system

recognize invaders. They gucci belt for men are derived from white blood cells taken from each participating patient in a routine blood draw. In the laboratory, the cells are cultured with synthetic peptides of the six antigens essentially training the dendritic cells to recognize the tumor antigens as targets. When the "new" dendritic cells in the vaccine are injected under the patient's skin, they are intended to gucci flip flops seek and destroy lingering tumor cells. Note: Materials may be edited for content and length.Cite This Page:MLA APA Chicago Cedars Sinai Medical Center. "Update: 50 percent of patients in new brain cancer study alive after five years." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 24 November 2013. .Single Tick Bite Can Pack Double Pathogen Punch June 20, 2014 People who get bitten by a blacklegged tick have a higher than expected chance of being exposed to more than one pathogen at the same time. "We found that ticks are almost twice as likely to be . full storyLyme Disease; Spiders and Ticks; Joint Pain; Pai

n ControlPig Whipworm Genome May Aid to Treat Autoimmune Diseases June 20, 2014 The whole genome sequence of Trichuris suis, gucci usa a parasitic worm in pig, has been presented by an international team composed gucci tote of 11 institutions from six countries. Understanding the genetics mechanisms . full storyImmune System; Veterinary Medicine; Diseases and Conditions; Crohn's DiseaseOvarian Cancer Treatment Discovered by Researchers June 19, 2014 A new treatment for ovarian cancer can improve response rates (increase the rate of tumor shrinkage) and prolong the time until cancers recur, research shows. In addition, this breakthrough showed a . full storyOvarian Cancer; Colon Cancer; Lung Cancer; CancerOldest Ever Schistosomiasis Egg Found May Be First Proof of Early Human Technology Exacerbating Disease Burden June 19 100% authentic gucci handbags outlet, about it.9 teams appear on prime BURLINGTON, Vt. The FBI is scouring the woods for a serial killer known as "The Huntsman." Luckily, the search isn real. It a scene from the psycholo

gical TV thriller "The Following," featuring Kevin Bacon.The two characters are only dressed like New Jersey state gucci mens belt troopers, but they real police officers in Vermont, invited to be extras on the show. "These dogs are like our second skin. They probably spend more time with us than our families do," said Vergennes Police Chief George Merkel.This fall Chief Merkel and his canine, Aikido, joined Sgt. Eugene Duplissis of Vermont State Police and his partner, Argus, on the set. "We felt a little bit like rock stars because we were so popular and our dogs were so approachable and well mannered. They did a great job and it made you feel kind of good. It made you proud," said Chief Merkel.There are currently 39 working police dogs in Vermont. The canines mens gucci shoes undergo a rigorous six month training program at the police academy in Pittsford. The episode showcased that training."The dogs in Vermont are trained to a very high standard. We have an outstanding program and it good that we can go down to N

ew York City and film a show that broadcast throughout the world, and show how good Vermont dogs are," said Sgt. Duplissis.Aikido and Argus are Belgian Malynois. Their handlers say the breed make solid police dogs because they boxier than German shepherds, giving them better weight distribution. But did they know they were acting? "That a good question. It was more of a training aspect for them. They have a lot of energy," said Sgt. Duplissis.On the job the teams only have one chance to get gucci guilty it right. So how did they perform on the gucci boots for men set? "Those are Hollywood trade secrets. We can tell you any of that information, sorry. You have to talk to the Film Actors Guild," said Sgt. Duplissis.Joking aside, the officers say each scene is shot four times, from four different angles and the hours can be grueling, but they say the attention to detail in crime shows is improving. "They take a lot of pride in trying to be authentic," said Sgt. Duplissis."I enjoy them. You know they Hollywood and there a

Hollywood spin on things," said Chief Merkel.And when the crime fighting duos aren on TV, they have an important gucci handbags sale job to do at home. "We do narcotics and what we call patrol work which is tracking, evidence recovery, and building searches. We assist with high risk traffic stops or s

100% authentic gucci handbags outlet dens told CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald, is a perfect case of where it goes awry. This could only be the beginning of more problems down the road. It has unintended consequences. the Legislature passed this in 2005, I don't think they planned for people who would go out and become vigilantes or be like some weird Batman who would go out and kill mens gucci shoes little kids gucci bags outlet like Trayvon. Rick Scott, speaking with re

porters following a Cabinet meeting, agreed, though without committing to supporting any particular legislation. you see any violence it always positive to go back and look at existing law and see the impact and the consequences of it, Scott said.Deb Hope stepping away from anchor chair after 32 years in television "For more than three decades, Hope has demonstrated a tireless commitment to delivering the news to our community," said Kenton Boston, vice president of Global BC and Global National. and we salute her for her years of dedicated service. We wish Deb continued success in all her future endeavours. We will always consider her part of our Global family." When Hope joined Global in 1981, it wasn even called Global BC, it was still known as BCTV. "I've loved my job over three decades, gucci jeans working with so many amazing colleagues at Global," said Hope. "It has been my pleasure to meet so many British Columbians when I've been gucci hats out in the field. I want to give a special thanks to our

viewers for tuning in". Born in Trail, Hope left when she was 18 to attend the University of British Columbia, and it was there she got her first taste of journalism by reading newscasts on the campus radio station, CITR, and writing for the Ubyssey newspaper. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in French, then moved to Carleton University in Ottawa where she received an Honours Bachelor degree in journalism. She began working for a Canadian Press as a junior reporter, but longed to gucci frames return to her home province.Debate over warning photos on cigarette packets Care and supportYour essential guide to social care About social care Choosing care services Social care assessments NHS continuing care Mental capacity Carers' wellbeing Home care Care homes Breaks from caring Carers' rights Young carers All care and support topicsServices near you Don't miss out . Exercise your right to choice in the NHS Learn about patient choice now"Graphic warning labels on cigarette packs w

ork better" than written warnings, the BBC reported. The br 100% authentic gucci handbags outlet e allowed Oakland eight runs in 4 2/3 innings last Tuesday in Arlington by keeping the ball neither down nor away. The goal was to do both better on Monday. If he did that, in theory, the results should have been better. But Coors is a Rocky Mountain Legend for turning gucci shoes on sale good pitches into home run balls. "I think I threw the ball down today," Perez said. "I know this is a hitter's ballpark. I know about the altitude, but that's not an excuse. They hit the ball good." While Perez and the Rangers weren't goi

ng to do much head scratching about the two homers, there is a trend emerging that could gucci pour homme be dangerous for Perez. He's developing a bad habit of putting the leadoff runner on base. He did it twice in five innings on Monday. The Rockies scored off him in both those innings. For the year, he's allowed the leadoff batter to reach 23 times in mens gucci shoes 49 innings that he has started. Perez's penchant for the sinker can often mitigate a leadoff runner by leading to double plays. But the more leadoff runners you put on, the harder it becomes to wriggle out of jam after jam after jam. "I would imagine it does cheap gucci catch up to you," Washington said. "But that kid has the ability get a lot of double plays. I think he wants to keep the leadoff runner off base, but he's got the ability to get out of trouble."Cop dog retires with 500 collars Judge will live out the rest of his days at Taylor's home, though the officer figures retirement will be hard for the dog. The pair collared more than 500 suspects one time,

six in a single night. The highlight of their career was when Judge tracked a girl who'd been abducted and taken to the Portage Diversion in 2011, Taylor said. "He really understands the game. He gets in the cruiser car, he's game on," Taylor said. "His drive to always work and never give up has made him successful . Between the two of us we stayed out until we got the job done." But lately, Taylor had noticed Judge slowing down snoozing when there were no bad guys to chase instead of pacing intensely. That said, a nearly 11 year old dog still working is "unheard of," Taylor said. He credits not only his "babying" of Judge but also the dog's great genes which led the WPS K9 program to take on six of his 41 puppies. A seventh is set to try out for the force soon, and was on hand to bid dad goodbye. Taylor will toast his partner Tuesday night on his gucci jacket behalf. "He's not the greatest party goer," Taylor said of the dog known for his hardworking intensity. Tayl the new version of Spider Man introduced by Marvel Comics back in 2011: Miles Morales, a Black/Hispanic teenager who gucci mens wallet was immediately embraced as a hero for young black and Hispanic readers to look up to. It's clear that Andrew Garfield has put a great deal of thought into how Peter Parker should evolve past his current, rather dated state of being an oppressed underdog who is also a straight, gucci money clip white male science gucci wallets for men genius. There is no logical reason why Mary Jane Watson couldn't be genderflipped and played by Michael B. Jordan, much as how other characters like Heimdall, Nick Fury and the Human Torch switched races for their movie adaptations. The only argument against a bisexual Peter Parker is the same one that gets dragged out after any s

uggestion that there should be a Wonder Woman movie, or a Black Panther movie, or anAsian American actorplaying Iron Fist in the new Netflix series: It's still too gucci sale much of a "risk" to make a superhero movie with anyone other than a straight, white man as the main character. So, the chances of Peter Parker coming out inAmazing Spider Man 3are more or less nil. Hollywood is yet to produce a big budget blockbuster with any kind of LGBT character in the lead role, never mind having an established hero come out after decades of heterosexuality. However, Sony might benefit from listening to Andrew Garfield's comments on the potential hypocrisy of portraying Peter Parker as being marginalized by society. Considering the fact that white male geeks already have Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Reed Richards and Charles Xavier to heroize their nerd cred on the big screen, it's difficult to argue that they still represent some kind of oppressed minority. It's probably time to give someone

else a chance. Black Stars: Poems by Ngo Tu Lap (Milkweed Editions), Martha Collins Ngo Tu Lap Lap, with the mighty help of Collins, translates the darkness of the Vietnam war across generations. "Through this book, Lap takes flight from his youth with a narrative flow that bears the imprint of our greatest ancient poets. We can only rejoice that Lap's lifelong horrors are transformed into dream like images, becoming elegant amendments to a disgraceful time in history. All that is ugly is redeemed by his descriptive writing, poetic restraint, and ennobling gucci frames experience." Diaries of Exile by Yannis Ritsos (Archipelago), Karen Emmerich Edmund Keeley Emmerich and Keely take upon the task of translating the work of Greek poet Yan

od handful of teams find themselves in that situation, because they did whatever they had to do to sign players in the previous season. It may have been short sighted thinking, gucci gucci money clip sneakers but they felt the risks were worth it. Q: How much of a battle or tension is there typically between a coaching staff and the front office over whether to keep a player or cut him for cap reasons? A: are very tough decisions, but the coach has to understand that if we keep the player you are alluding to, then it going to cost us something. He and the GM have to agree they are willing to live with the consequences. If cheap gucci they can agree, it can get contentious. Red Bryant was released two years into a five year contract with the Seahawks

taking on $3 million in salary cap costs into the future (so called dead money). Was that to make room for Pro Bowlers or other free agents? A: at it now, it was for Michael Bennett. Seattle has too many players coming up to pay big money to incoming players. It would really send the wrong message to everybody, including the agents. Do you try to leave yourself wiggle room during the season? A: smart teams plan for injuries and set aside a reserve of three to four million under the cap. In the event they don use it for replacement players, they can use it on player extensions. Corry, former agent Q: What the most misunderstood thing about the salary cap? A: think one of the biggest misconceptions about the cap is it can be an excuse or justification for when you want to release a player. If you really want to keep a player, you find a way. The cap is used an excuse. And it also used as an excuse when a team doesn want to sign a player or go to a certain contract level. How often does

the salary cap and where the team stands with that come up when you negotiating with a team? A: always looked at it this way: I not overly concerned with your budget. You can bring it up, and teams plan in three year snapshots. But my concern is my client, so I only going to be so sympathetic to that. I take it under advisement, but I not going to let that be overly persuasive. How often did you find teams cut players who were pretty good just for cap purposes? A: give you a case in point of gross cap mismanagement. One of the guys I helped represent was Keenan McCardell. In 2001, he had a 90 catch, 1,100 yard season. Jacksonville gucci polo had been in that window where they gucci hat were trying to win a Super Bowl and didn pay in regards to the future guy with that type of 100% authentic gucci handbags outlet , rst time in 18 years. "It makes things more difficult, but I have always said this league will be decided in the last game," said Real boss Carlo Ancelotti. "It has been a difficult weekend for the three gucci handbag in front and the title race is more open than ever." Ronaldo and Gareth Bale were starting together in the league for the first time in over a month and nearly combined for the opener after just three minutes as Ronaldo latched onto Bale's lovely cushioned pass but gucci aviator sunglasses shot straight at Diego Alves in the Valencia goal. Karim Benzema then headed just over after more good work by Bale before Valencia showed their threat on the counter on 16 minutes when Diego Lopez did well to turn Dani Parejo's powerful header gucci aviator sunglasses onto the bar. Ronaldo then had a trio of efforts parried by Alves, but the visitors broke well again three minutes before half time and after Lopez had turned Sofiane Fegouli's fierce drive over, Jeremy Mathieu bundled the ball home from the resulting cor

ner. Lopez had to gucci belt sale be alert again to prevent Paco Alcacer from doubling Valencia's advantage seven minutes after the break. However, Madrid then laid seige to the Valencia goal and after Alves had produced another brilliant save to deny Ronaldo, they finally found a way past the Brazilian when Ramos headed home from close range. The hosts were only level for five minutes, though, as Feghouli's cross from the right fell perfectly for Parejo to put Valencia back in front. Ronaldo snatched gucci belts at least a point for the hosts when he produced a moment of magic in the second minute of stoppage time to backheel Angel di Maria's cross past Alves for his 50th goal of the season. Earlier, Atletico were beaten for the first time in 15 games in all competitions. But the match was overshadowed by more claims of racism in Spanish football as just a week after a banana was thrown at Barcelona full back Dani Alves, Levante midfielder Pape Diop said he had been the subject of monkey chants from the Atletico

fans. Monkey chants Diop provoked outrage among the Atletico players by dancing in front of the disconsolate travelling fans at the final whistle. However, the Senegalese said he was just responding to monkey chants aimed towards him as he took a corner deep into stoppage time. "I went to take a corner and some of the Atletico fans began to make monkey chants. To play it down, I started to dance, but I didn't insult anyone," he said. "I don't have anything against the Atletico fans because it was only a und pick and played only half the Sharks' regular season games, got the gucci money clip scoring started. He scored on an assist from Desjardins just over four minutes into the second period. It was only his third goal of the season."Every time we step on ice, our role is to get momentum," said Brown, who led the team with eight hits. "To bring physicality on the ice. But anytime the fourth line contributes with goals it's always a bonus."The fourth line hit that bonus again, five minutes later when Torres scored on a give and go from Desjardins."They got us going," Couture said. "They generate gucci shades a lot of energy in the building, a lot of energy on our bench. You can t

ell when they're out there. If I was a d man I'd be scared of those guys cheap gucci bags bearing down on me."That toughness is the kind of contribution you expect from a fourth line. It's a unit that is supposed to change the energy, dole out the hits, set the gucci goggles tone. General manager has said he wants "energy, bite, penalty kill, speed," from his bottom group.4U2C sets the ice ablaze Creative team at 4U2C discuss the Habs light show they created for the pre game show before game 3 of the first series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs at the Bell Centre. (THE GAZETTE/Vincenzo D'Alto) Yves Aucoin and Stphane Mongeau complete each other's sentences, bicker about minutia and fill in the blanks when the other's memory fails. Was that Cline Dion world tour really in 2008? And what happened between 2010 and 2013? Oh right, lighting design in Las Vegas and France. Despite more than a quarter century of gucci guilty friendship, though, the men, both 49 years old, have rarely been in the same place at the same time. That all chang

ed last year, when the two professional lighting designers used their individual experiences and clout in show business to help create 4U2C. Now they sit just a few metres from each other pretty much every day. Most people have probably never heard of this young company, but you've almost definitely seen their work. 4U2C is the creative force behind the stunning multimedia show that opened the Habs' first home playoff game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. During the four minute show, the ice fell apart in cataclysmic sequences, cascading along to pulsating electronic music. Then, a little boy skated out and set the ice and audience on fire, completely engulfing the Bell Centre in digital flames. The dramatic display of audiovisual dexterity whipped Canadiens fans into a roaring frenzy, although many fans watch 100% authentic gucci handbags outlet, Director) Jonathan Palmer thanks to him and his efforts Formula Two is the next best thing after F1. Coming from India with a population of one billion plus, I want to take motor racing in this country to the common man. Right now, it is still a niche sport largely popular in the urban areas. Given my profile as a film star, I

hope to use my status to popularise the sport in India, Ajith said in a statement here. He was confident of some success in this gucci baby year FIA Formula Two Championship, and said he had tested some cars gucci jewelry in Malaysia. am looking forward to more practice runs in the F2 car at Snetterton and Silverstone before the event kicks off. I hope my participation, along with Ebrahim and Sureshwaran, will create the right amount of interest in the sport in India, Ajith said in a statement here. F2 Series Director Palmer said he was delighted to welcome Ajith to the F2 circuit gucci hats and said have a well known Indian film star who has demonstrated such ambition now racing in F2 is very exciting for the championship. The F2 team and other drivers look forward to giving maximum support to help Ajith become increasingly competitive.Akron General Health System ends exclusive talks with Cleveland Clinic Akron General Health System is back on the market for a new owner after recently ending exclusive talks with the Cl

eveland Clinic and a national for profit hospital gucci guilty chain. Since August, Akron General had been negotiating to sell the health system assets to a new joint venture to be formed between the Cleveland Clinic and Tennessee based Community Health Systems (CHS). But Akron General has opted to look at other partnership opportunities because the Cleveland Clinic and CHS haven been able to reach an agreement, Akron General President and Chief Executive Dr. Thomas Stover said on Friday. Akron General leaders had hoped to have a deal finalized by the end of 2013. we just didn see anything coming our way, he said. This has taken much longer than we, the board, or the community has much patience for. Cleveland Clinic referred questions to Community Health Systems, indicating CHS was the primary party in the relationship with Akron General. and Cleveland Clinic have not reached terms under which a joint venture would be structured, and subsequently, Akron General has notified us that it is ending exc

lusive negotiations with CHS gucci purse and Cleveland Clinic, CHS spokeswoman Tomi Galin said in an email. have appreciated this opportunity to explor fits the surrounding neighborhood. Amazing ignorance Southern Legion MLS Supporters Group: Why would people oppose this? Because 300 million is a drop in the bucket in comparison to the money this will cost taxpayers in government subsidies, tax breaks, rebates and the like. It will also take up access to our waterways away from the citizenry to create another sporting behemoth no one will support. One only needs to look more inland to the failure that is Marlins park to see why this is genuinely a bad idea. How about instead of being swayed by the star power of a wealthy athlete we look at investing gucci pour homme more in public infrastructure that would benefit the populace at large? Safe bike lanes, increased and better public tran

sit, more public parks and green spaces, rent controlled living. These are the things that make a city great not professional sports teams. I don't want to sound like I'm anti sports (not at all) but I hate the idea of another sporting project with big money and big names behind it coming in to the city and using up public resources when there are more dire needs in the 305. I will add that ppl in miami are a bunch of bitch ass gucci messenger bag bandwagoners tho. Last night gucci outlet store I went to the fridays in the falls. Every tv but 1 had the WIZ vs PACERS game. The only place where that stadium, if it's ever erected, fits is at the Hialeah Park site! Besides, what takes place there besides bullshit concerts with Carlos Oliva, Roberto Torres or Hansel Raul?! But, by the look of things, Beckham wants his tax write off cow to be as centric as possible. His best bet, would be in front of the Overtown Arena station. Raze that desolate eyesore named 'CENTRAL PARK', along with them derelict parking spaces and warehouse

s and old buildings and build THERE. That way, if his team ever coincides with any activity at the arena, downtown traffic is not interrupted. That space can be used for so many better things. They can make it into a gucci gucci fountain, put a landmark, have something with some cultural/historical relevance for the city. This is a waste of the last of the prime waterfront downtown location. If they're going to build a soccer field, they might as well build another condo/office/retail tower there instead. Why are we going to put a stadium to BLOCK our view of the water? That doesn't make any sense! It's gucci outlet online not like they're going to have balconies facing the water in the stadium, people are going to be paying attention to the game, so why doesn't it have to Gucci Bags

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