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Christ Renews His Parish

Christ Renews His Parish Continuation Committee, pastors of Seton and St. Andrew's

Christ Renews His Parish is a parish renewal process. This renewal process attempts to further conversion and community, ministry and prayer, healing and holiness, spiritual growth and gospel service – to experience "being Church" and to experience "being Church for others."

Christ Renews His Parish is an effective spiritual renewal process which calls together the members of the parish in order to experience personal conversion and Christian community in the environment of their own parish. In the context of the personal rebirth and parish revitalization it is:

  1. A simple gospel method of renewal and/or conversion (Evangelization)
  2. A conductive environment and favorable teaching moment for repentance (Reconciliation)
  3. A proven experiential way of enlivening and strengthening faith (Catechesis)
  4. A needed opportunity to experience a supportive faith community (Rite of Adult Initiation)
  5. A specific period for personal growth in prayer, scripture and sharing (Spiritual Formation)
  6. A non-threatening vehicle for sharing priesthood (Shared Ministry)
  7. A motivating and practical instrument for introducing ministry formation (Lay Ministry)
  8. A powerful catalyst for on-going communal and parish renewal (Christian Community)


  • BRINGS TOGETHER parishioners of both St. Andrew and Elizabeth Ann Seton in a very casual but effective Christian atmosphere of sharing and dialogue.
  • RECONCILES the individual with the Lord through personal repentance and conversion.
  • ACTIVATES a Christian community with hope of continuation using growth methods.
  • STIMULATES on-going study, prayer, and service groups.
  • MOTIVATES to parish involvement
  • HEALS the wounds between various factions and spiritualities.
  • COMMUNICATES fundamental truths of faith experientially.
  • LIBERATES pastoral leadership for Gospel ministry of shared priesthood.
  • ALLOWS everyone to focus on what unites us – not what separates us.
  • INVOLVES the group in various prayer forms.
  • EXPOSES the parish to effectiveness of shared ministry
  • INVITES Jesus to be at the center of a Spirit-filled community


  1. A 2 day, 1 overnight, live-in program (30 hours) at either St. Andrew or St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
  2. An invitation to join a period of formation lasting 6 months (weekly 2.5 hour evening meetings) leading to team ministry of the next Renewal Weekend.

The 6 month Formation Process prepares the "Giving Team" to facilitate the Renewal Weekend. Giving Team receives guidance and direction from the Spiritual Director.

Prayerfulness, loving concern, and simple service are required.


  • RENEWAL WEEKEND: 1 weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
  • FORMATION TEAM: 6 months (Note: Participation in the Renewal Weekend does not require joining the Formation Team)

Material taken from Jacoby, John O, Rev., and Robert P. Edwards, "Christ Renews His Parish: A Parochial Renewal Process" (Cleveland, Christian Life Services, 1979). (adapted)





We have suspended this program until further notice




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