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Estate / Planned Giving

Providing for the future well-being of your family, and at the same time, supporting the mission of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish can be accomplished by a variety of gifts known as planned gifts.

Planned gifts, such as bequests, trusts, life insurance and annuities can provide benefits to you and your family now, and in the future. Depending on the asset given and the gift arrangement selected, a donor will experience some or all of the following benefits:

    • Make a lasting difference to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish.
    • Avoid capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated property.
    • Reduce income tax through a deduction for a gift.
    • Eliminate federal estate tax on property passing to charity upon death.
    • Retain life income for themselves and other beneficiaries.
    • Reduce costs and time in estate settlement.
    • Fulfill philanthropic goals.


Making a Bequest:

To make a gift to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish from your estate, you must make your intentions clear in your will or trust. To ensure that your intentions are carried out your will or trust should only be prepared in consultation with an attorney.

Bequests to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton can include cash, securities, real estate, other specific property or a percentage of the residue of your estate. There are tax and other advantages of making a charitable bequest.

Gifts of Property & Real Estate:

Shares of stock, real estate or other specific property may be one of the best gifts that can be made to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. If you sold an appreciated asset, you would ordinarily have to pay capital gains tax on the appreciated amount, considerably reducing your net gain from the sale. If, however, you make a gift of an appreciated asset to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, you may be able to deduct the full fair market value of the property, including all appreciation.

Life Insurance & Retirement Account:

IRA’s or other life insurance that you no longer need is another way to give to our parish. For example, your children may be grown and the life insurance that was intended to provide education funds is no longer needed. A gift of a life insurance policy or a whit account, makes a very good charitable gift. The gift can easily be made by naming St. Elizabeth Ann Seton as the beneficiary and/or owner of the policy or account on forms .

Your gift will generate a charitable deduction to you and a valuable legacy of your appreciation to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish.

Charitable Remainder Trust:

You may make a gift to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton by irrevocably transferring securities, cash, real estate or other property to a trustee while retaining a lifetime income right. The trustee manages the trust assets and pays an annuity to you, your designated beneficiaries or both. The annuity payments can continue for your or the beneficiary’s life or, in some cases for a specific term of years. Thereafter, the remaining trust principal goes to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in your name or in the name of someone you wish to honor.

All donors are urged to seek the advice of a competent legal or tax professional as to the consequences of their gift prior to entering into a Planned Gift Arrangement

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